Friday, January 11, 2013

GrandMich and Bapa

My parents headed back to Boston today after spending three weeks with us in China, and we are missing them already.  They were total superstars for coming so far to see us and bringing a little bit of the Back Bay to Beijing.  First of all, they packed one of each cold medicine CVS sells.  And of course my dad brought a couple of his (literally) world-famous rum cakes.  Then, for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, my mom made Gourmet centerfold recipes downloaded to her iPad.  Philip was worried she'd be a little lost without a Whole Foods, but at the butcher shop she got right behind the counter and pointed out on the half of a dead cow lying on the cutting board exactly which ribs she wanted to take home.  By week two here, she had plugged her ipod into speakers in the kitchen so she and my dad could listen to the Beatles while they buttered up a chicken to roast.  There's really nothing nicer to come home to.

Cooking class at the Hutong leaning how to make Lamb stew with red Chinese dates (the photo I wanted to post of her seasoning meat in our kitchen was censored since she was in her pajamas.)


  1. Can't get enough of these photos. Everyone looks so happy and settled in over there. Helen and I miss you all every single day!! xoxo

  2. That's because I don't post any photos of myself tossing and turning in bed wondering why the fuck we live in China. Miss you and Helen every day too!! xx